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Helping clients understand their existing life, disability and critical illness policies.  We are here to help!

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My Canadians have purchased life insurance contracts over their lifetime but often have no idea how the contract works, if it is valuable or what contractual options exist.

As time goes on, the original agent who sold you the insurance policy has likely retired (or otherwise left the business).

My Insurance Department helps policy owners understand what they own, evaluate the appropriateness of the contract and will provided recommendations/service

Assessing Need


In 2017 the Financial Services Commission of Ontario ("FSCO") introduced new requirements for all licensed insurance experts.

To implement any new life insurance policy, a complete financial needs assessment is required.  This needs assessment includes determining how much insurance is required and providing advice for existing life insurance policies.

This new regulation is terrific for consumers because it provides a heightened level of compliance and  transparency through the insurance process.

Purchasing Insurance


Our licensed Insurance Experts are contracted with every major life insurance company in Canada.  

When insurance is required, our team will take you through the entire insurance  process.  

In almost every situation, the application, needs analysis, compliance and policy delivery can be done entirely through video conference technology, meaning that you can execute without having to coordinate face-to-face meetings, find babysitters or battle through gridlock.

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Our focus is helping you understand your existing insurance contracts.

Many Canadians have purchase life insurance with insurance agents, financial advisors or their financial institutions.  Most need help understanding why contracts they own and if they are suitable for their own situation.

My Insurance Department is here to help.  Whether you have an existing advisor or are looking to engage a new advisor, we are able to provide expert advice about your existing insurance policies.

We are here to help!

My Insurance Department

678 Spring Gardens Road, Burlington, Ontario L7T 1J2, Canada


My Insurance Department is a virtual office environment.  Although we are available during typical office hours, we are able to help you at any time.  

We are able to offer this by using screen sharing technology.  

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